A bioethical approach to the use of technology and freedom

” The Posthumanist horizon ” was the second installment of the Cycle of Conferences: “Change of Era” of the Father Félix Varela Institute for Ecclesiastical Studies in Havana.   

De izquierda a Derecha, Dra. Clara Laucirica, Fr. Léster Zallas, Dr. Carlos Delgado y Dr. René Zamora
From left to right, Dra. Clara Laucirica, Fr. Léster Zallas,
Dr. Carlos Delgado and Dr. René Zamora

In his welcoming remarks , Father Yosvany Carvajal, President of the Institute, invited us to look at Bioethics as an interdisciplinary tool whose application reaches any area of ​​human life and whose proposals have a growing scope in today’s world . He thanked the speakers and participants and invited them to take advantage of this rich space for exchange.

Implants, artificial organs, genetic manipulation to eliminate feelings or prolong life , as well as the philosophical conceptions that are behind these proposals , were subjects treated by academics with long experience in the education and application of Bioethics in our country , precisely to propose ethical tools in a time of profound changes where Posthumanism proposes a “reinventing” of the person .

The conference was given by Prof. Dr. René Zamora, Director of the Juan Pablo II Institute of Bioethics and President of the Cuban Bioethics Committee. The following participated in the panel: Dr. Carlos Delgado, professor and Vice President of the Committee; Br. Lester Zayas, OP , Rector of the Fray Bartolomé de las Casas Center and Dr. Clara Laucirica, member of the Committee. The cultural moment was in charge of Schola Cantorum Coralina, who gave an international program dedicated to Christmas , with pieces alternating n between different spiritual answers to the mystery of the birth of Christ . After this moment, a very interesting and plural debate arose, which lasted longer than expected.

The event was held in one of the galleries on the ground floor of the Cultural Center, thus allowing greater attendance without compromising social isolation measures.

The next conference is entitled ” Dreaming the Society , between utopias and dystopias “, dictated by Lic . Erick Bermejo, a graduate of the Institute , and P anel shall consist of the Lic. René González, Msc. Mario A. Rivero and Dr. Rolando Pagés. The cultural moment will be in charge of the SolFa Children’s Choir, with a Christmas carol program.