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Let’s suppose that after navigating the pages of the Cardinal Jaime Ortega Foundation website, or after having had personal contact with the actual activities that are supported by Foundation, something has brought you to this page of Collaboration.  We are thrilled to welcome you.
Let us offer you some suggestions of what we might expect from you.
As you will surely have had the opportunity to see for yourself, the Foundation carries out many of its activities in the buildings of the Royal Pontifical Seminary of San Carlos and San Ambrosio, a magnificent 18th Century building in downtown Havana.
The Foundation, through the Father Felix Varela Cultural Center, makes possible the teaching of the Humanities, including Social Sciences, Economics and Pedaogy, leading to diplomas at the Bachelor, Masters and Doctorate levels.
In addition, the Foundation supports economically the Father Felix Varela Cultural Center, where Entrepreneurial Training takes place for young men and women interested in pursuing an autonomous professional activity and where cultural activities also occur, such as seminars and colloquia.
The Sacred Music Chair is another of the cultural activities which take place, supported by the Foundation in the Cultural Center, in addition to the maintenance of the Museum, the Library, and the Audiovisual and Cinematographic Collections.
Finally, in the Saint John Paul II Institute of Bio-Ethics completes the formative and cultural panorama that the Foundation hopes to cover with its program of activities.
As you can imagine, in the Cardinal Jaime Ortega Foundation, there is plenty of room for collaboration, not only financial but also personal or institutional.
It is our hope that the persons who participate in activities and programs  supported by the Foundation can continue their formation, pursuing specializing studies in academic institutions in Europe or the Americas, as well as completing internships in companies, so that upon their return to Cuba, they are in a position to apply the skills they have acquired.
In conclusion, we trust that if you have stuck with us to date, it is because you believe you can be a protagonist with the Foundation, alongside all of us.  Thus the next step might be for you and us to sit down together to reach agreements of personal or institutional collaboration.  Together, we can attain the objectives we have set out for ourselves.

Agreements with institutions related to the spirit and works of the Foundation. These agreements can consist of academic exchanges, stays or events.


People who offer their services for free in any of the activities of the Foundation, teachers, technicians, facilitators, etc. are welcome.


The courses and training stays in educational institutions, or companies, are very useful to complement the training of students and teachers, allowing it to be brought to levels of excellence and updating, in the best possible way: experience. The financing of these stays or academic processes is an important form of collaboration.

It is a direct financial contribution, directed to the Activity that is desired, or leaving its use at the discretion of the Board. The donated funds are always allocated to the activities of the Foundation, and their use will be promptly reported to the donor. In addition, the entire financial flow of the Foundation is auditable and an updated summary always appears in the Transparency section of this website.
For cash transfer, you can use our account at Banco de Santander, Spain:
IBAN ES17 0049 0001 5620 118 85821


Padre Félix Varela Cultural Center. Calle Tacón s/n entre Chacón y Mercaderes. Habana Vieja. La Habana. CP 10100. Cuba
Phone: +53 78667104